Tuesday, February 06, 2007

San Antonio, window dressing, purple pickled onions

Yesterday I cruised down to San Antonio. For the month of February, I'm the featured artist at the San Antonio Children's Museum. They have a dedicated window display for artists, and I needed to set up my work. But I got lost. Good and lost. Keep in mind, San Antonio is a beeline, one hour south of Austin.

Somewhere on the outskirts of San Antonio, I hooked a wrong turn. Then I hooked another. Three more wrong turns later, I was hooked on the fast track headed to Corpus Christi. I missed the wife. She's my navigator. I picked up my phone and called her. She Google-mapped me back to San Antonio.

Upon entering the museum, there is a life-size model of San Antonio Spurs David Robinson, complete with an actual pair of his basketball shoes. They were so large, I could have easily fit both of my feet into them.

C, the director of marketing, showed me to the display window. I'd brought along some original art, preliminary sketches, clay models, and other things I use to create children's books. I'm an artist, storyteller, digital illustrator, writer. I wear many hats. One hat I don't wear: Window Dresser. I can't design a display. Once again, I was missed the wife. I called her, but there wasn't much she could do from Austin. I left the window in shambles. They'll figure it out.

C treated me to lunch at a new wave-ish Mexican restaurant on the Riverwalk. It was delicious. I had fish tacos with purple pickled onions. I don't do onions. Once again, I was missed the wife. She'd love purple pickled onions — she loves everything I hate.

To make up for the day, I'm taking her and K to San Antonio this weekend. K will enjoy the children's museum, and the wife, purple pickled onions. And while were there, maybe she'll fix my window.


Berry said...

Congratulations Don!!! An exhibit at the museum! I heard that!

rindawriter said...

Yes, congratulations! Wish I could see it! I'd love to play a little in the children's museum too, BTW!