Saturday, February 17, 2007

Basketball ignoramus

I'm such a basketball ignoramus. This morning my son's basketball team was winning, 5 to 4, in the second quarter. I was surprised because, just a few minutes prior, they were winning, 5 to 0.

I said to my wife: "How'd the other team get four points so quick?"

The wife said to me: "They made two baskets."

I said: "Right. Two baskets, not four."

The wife said: "Each basket is worth two points."

I said: "Oh."

The wife said: "You're such an artist."

Who came up with that stupid rule anyway? One basket equals two points. Heck, it should be one basket wins the game, then we wouldn't have to sit through four quarters waiting to see who wins the game.


Disco Mermaids said...

Don, if you go to the SCBWI National Conference again this year, I really wanna play basketball with you...'kay?

- Jay

Don Tate II said...

Jay, I'd wear one of them green dresses you wore at the SCBWI conference before I'd play basketball out in public. Well, maybe not.

rindawriter said...

It's not basketball I can't's that @%$##!!!### football and that #*%%66@@#****baseball....despite many valiant efforts by dededicated friends and family to educate me....