Friday, February 23, 2007

Am I sweet?

The word "sweet" is an adjective used far too often lately by those describing me and my art work. Me? Sweet? When I think of "sweet," I think this, this, or this.

An editor recently described my stories as "sweet," right before she rejected them. Two agents described my stories as "sweet." They were looking for "edgy."

Not too long ago, an author friend told me that I reminded her of another friend of hers, artist, Colin Bootman. "You both are such sweet guys," she said.

Yesterday, I received feedback — not from my publisher, but the author of a book I'm illustrating. I'm always uncomfortable when the author is brought in to double as art director. Anyway, on every page, he made the comment: "This image is far too sweet."

What the heck is sweet? I don't consider myself sweet. And I don't think the wife would use that word to describe me either. Obnoxious, maybe. Crabby, maybe. Impatient, always. But sweet? I'm not, dang-it! So, I pose the same question I found on Kim's blog: What is just one word you would use to describe me? And, if you post the word "sweet" in my comment box, I'll post the word "scrotum" in yours (just an excuse to use a hot-button word in literary circles).


Kim said...


(Sorry, I had to break the rules. Count this as three :-) Obviously those sweet people don't know you the way your blog readers do :-0

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rindawriter said...

Well, Shakespeare used the word "sweet" a huge amount...and he's the biggie literary guy still..

Creative, Don, I've NEVER thought of YOU as anything else but creative, CREATIVE!

I'm goign to add some more to it:

Hugely creative
Massively original

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And I added you as a flickr contact. :)