Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Snowy Day!

My grandma wasn't superstitious or anything, but whenever something way out of the ordinary would happen, she'd always say: "There's gonna be a blizzard."

Well, today in Austin, it snowed. Wasn't quite a blizzard, but it was enough that it literally shut down the entire city and moved the governor's inauguration off the capitol steps and into Texas House of Representatives chamber. That's a big deal; it doesn't rain much in Texas, much less snow.

But the even bigger news is that my boss at my full-time gig called and told me not to come in. Too dangerous. Keep in mind, I work at a newspaper. Yes, grandma, there's gonna be a blizzard.

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rindawriter said...

It sounds like us with the snow we got this year! Seattle just FREEZES with a half-inch of snow, everything shuts down, because of all the steep hills in the city; it's funny, really, when you think of the snow folks have to deal with in the mid-West. Some children around here got EIGHT days off from school--just because of snow--quite a record!