Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year's resolution haiku

Hate my new diet.

No bread, sugar or starches.

Jones'n a burger.


Ok, that was bad, but I'm real busy.

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rindawriter said...

Did anyone tell you about the difference between complex and simple starches?

Bread and baked goods have mostly simple, processed starches and are bad, bad, bad...BUT!

Cooked oatmeal is good for you and brown rice is good for you, cereals, etc.
Lots of fiber and vitamins.

I might have a serious wheat allergy, so, I'm on a rice only diet as far as any starches at all No wheat, no corn, no baked goods at all, no oatmeal either. I'm hooked on these puffed brown rice cakes from a no-pesticide farm in Califronia, now. It's not so bad. My husband went to the Filipino store and got five different kinds of rice: brown, sticky, jasmine, red, and black and then the pearl brown rice and brown ricecakes from the grocery store make 8 different kidns of rice! Most are from Thailand where the best rice in the world is grown anyway, and some are vacumn packed and have such! individual flavors! Inexpensive, if I can find some recipes....