Thursday, January 25, 2007

The light at the end of the tunnel is a mirage

I may change my mind as time passes and wounds heal but, for now, I don't plan to illustrate another book digitally. I thought illustrating a book on the computer would save time but it doesn't.

The benefit of illustrating digitally (for me) is that change is so much easier. Revisions are as simple as a couple clicks of my Wacom pen. Theoretically.

Problem is, computer art is modular. It's no big deal to move one piece of an illustration from here to there. Change a color. Make something bigger. But one can quickly find themselves mired in endless change. Change a characters shirt from red to green and suddenly the background color needs to be adjusted. Change the background color, and everything needs to be changed for balance.

Finally, I'm finished with the artwork for the pop-up novelty book I've been illustrating. But I am so far from completely being finished.

Follow-up to last post: Currently, he is not looking at picture book manuscripts. Sigh.

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rindambyers said...

I was WONDERING about that! Seemed to me I was doing a lot of clicks to design just a very simple webpage!