Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Keeping track

So, my search for an agent continues. Lit agent that is, I have an art/licensing rep.

On this bedpost, I'll keep track of the agents I go through before I finally sign on with one. I could kick myself for letting this relationship go. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Patience is a virtue. But who knew at the time that someday I'd be writing books as well as illustrating them?

Someone recently suggested that I submit to a guy. I never even considered a guy agent. Didn't know any existed in this business. I think I'll give it a try. Though my bedpost metaphor, in that case, wouldn't be so cute.

Anyway, my search continues...


Courtney said...

good luck don, i could give you the names of agents (they do writers and illustrators) I've approached if you'd like. they are all women and I have been turned down by all three of them. i think you will have a better chance, seeing as how you've actually been published and all that.

rindawriter said...

Can you contact Fogelman again any way? You do have an edge with being a published artist...just keep fishing, brotha! Just keep fishing!

rindawriter said...

Okay, brotha, here you go!


I got a listing of 41 agents for children's/juvenile books.

Miss P said...

Good luck, Don. I know the agent hunt can be a tedious one. Here's hoping it's a short one for you.