Sunday, January 07, 2007

In the studio

If it's true, as I read on a blog somewhere recently, that there is a correlation between a messy work area and creativity, then judging from these photos, I'm super creative.

Here I am in my studio, consumed with sketching FARMER, code name for I Am My Grandpa's Enkelin. No need to hide the real title any longer.

Some not so obvious things pictured:

--On the floor, several large Norman Rockwell books, although I think Kadir is the new Norman Rockwell, in terms of style.

--Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria, sent to me by the author. I'll blog about that later this week.

--Several other illustrator's books whose artwork inspires me: Terry Widener, Shane Evans, Mark Buehner.

--28 other books, checked out from the library, on the topics of: the Amish community, vegetable gardening, farming, old-time farming equipment.


jfm said...

Do you always work standing up like that? No back problems????
I like to work in a standing position too, but if I'm not careful and bend forward too much, I get a terrible backache!
Thanks for showing your studio - it's always interesting to see how others work.

Don Tate II said...

JFM, I have three drawing/painting stations in my studio. When I'm working at this table, I always stand because it's positioned so high. Sitting at this table is awkward — trying to use my butt to wrangle a tall chair where I need it to be.

Also, two sets of extra heavy deadlifts, every other day will offset back problems.

rindawriter said...

I have SEEN photos of the Queen Victoria quilt! Very fine applique work and LOTS and LOTS of it....translate many months of work to create it.

Paula said...

I keep hearing that whole messy desk, creative minds thing too and it's the #1 reason I refuse to clean my office...well, that and the fact that I don't feel like it.

Anonymous said...

Such fun viewing your studio. I feel better now. Mine tends to look similar at times.
I love Kadir's work you posted. He's one of my favorites.
Enjoyed your post above about your grandfather. What a treasure to be able to hear his stories straight from him, and be able to ask questions about his past and history.

Anonymous said...

Love getting to see your studio and what inspires you Don. I just did a post about inspirations pieces on my blog. Must be that time of year when we all need to be inspired! I'm right with you on the Kadir, Rockwell comparison. Kadir's work is amazing. I have a couple of those large Rockwell books and refer to them all the time. Funny how I didn't appreciate his work near enough when I was younger, but really get into it now.

Love the comment on correlation between messy work area and creativity. That explains a lot. :)