Sunday, January 28, 2007

Children's illustrator's do get respect

I'm completely finished with ZOOM, a novelty pop-up book I illustrated for Harper Collins. All I have to do now is burn the images to disc and express mail them. I imported the final vector art into Photoshop, color corrected them and used the "dodge" and "burn" tools like paint brushes to increase light and dark values at certain spots in the images. I am very happy with how this book turned out.

The guy working at Kinkos says to me, "These are very nice. Did you do them?

I say, "Yes. Thank you."

He says, "Class project or something?"

I say, "No, children's book."

He says, "So your going to try to get them published?"

I say, "They will be published."

He says, "Do you have other books published?

I say, "Yes, 6 trade picture books, three more in the works, and about another twenty other educational books."

He looks at me as though he's met a rap star. He says, "Good luck."

I say, "Thank you."

While out, I picked up two more books, both illustrated by Kadir Nelson: Michael's Golden Rules, and Henry's Freedom Box. Awesome, just awesome!

Edit to original post: I'm sick, ug. I just purchased tickets to Vegas. We're gonna visit my in-laws. I'm not sick because of the in-laws, I like my by-law peeps. I'm sick because of what it just cost me. Whoever says plane tickets to Vegas are cheap, obviously ain't been to Vegas.


Varian Johnson said...

You really are going on a book binge, aren't you?

Disco Mermaids said...

Great insight into the annoying side of being a children's book illustrator. The most common annoying question for writers is actually more of a slam to illustrators: "So, did you do your own illustrations?"

- Jay

rindambyers said...

I like the picture very much indeed. I like that it is light and bright and HAPPY not all dark and weird or bright garish weird like so much of the computer art I've seen lately on PB's. Seems (to me anway) that yours are much different and MUCH better!