Friday, January 26, 2007

Book binge

Shhh...don't tell the wife but, this afternoon, I went on a book-buying binge. Whenever I start feeling down — and I have been lately — picture books and Hot Wheel cars provide a quick picker-upper.

After checking my mailbox this afternoon, I started feeling better. Inside, there was a a little somethin'-somethin' waiting for me. It was from my licensing agent. The fleece and flannel fabric has done well! A celebration was in order, so first thing I did was call the wife to see if she'd be available for lunch. She was, so we sat and chatted over Chinese at Suzie's. Afterwards, I dropped her off back at work, and then I snuck over to Book People. I wanted to pick up a copy of Flotsam, the new Caldecott winner.

Originally, I'd set out to buy this book last summer, following all the buzz. But after I saw it...well, um, I didn't especially like it. Don't throw rocks at me, art is subjective. Not to diss Mr. W, I'm a big fan of his work, and I know he's way, WAY out of my league. But I like quirky, oddly distinctive styles of art in picture books. Left field stuff. That, or jaw-dropping gorgeous.

Regardless, today I decided to purchase it anyway, I mean, it is a Caldecott-winning book, and Mr. W is a three-time winner. Thing is, just as soon as I had the book comfortably tucked away under my arm, guess what I spied? Probuditi! by Chris Van Allsburg! Wow! Was this book on the Caldecott short list? Whether or not, I picked it up. If one book would make me feel better, then two would have me pimp-skipping out of the store.

As I readied myself to leave, satisfied with my finds, I discovered another: Bigger Than Daddy. Cool, cool, cool, cool, and quirky as all get-out. Just like I like. I had to put Flotsam back on the shelf. And on my way out, I snatched up a signed copy of Penny from Heaven. Not exactly my typical choice, but my intention is to read a Newbery honored book.

Well, they finally made me do it, update to the new Blogger. I didn't want to, but it started getting to the point that I couldn't get logged in. Sigh. The old one worked just fine. And where the heck's my old posts? And why do I need labels?


Susan Taylor Brown said...

Hey Don - so you had the same issues, trying to log in to old blogger? I'm in the same boat. I had been MIA on my writing prompts for over a month and getting back on track. Crud. I really really don't want to update but I guess I need to, right after I save copies of all my old pages.

Glad to se you doing so well.

Liz said...

Your own fabric!!! How cool is that? Congrats!

rindambyers said...

YEAH! Your OWN fabric! VERY cool!

Anonymous said...

YOU are sooooo talented! I would never have imagined that you could be down at all!
The fabric is Beautiful!! I hope you have much success with it.
I may need a bookstore cheering up myself this week!