Friday, December 22, 2006

More fabric news!

I've just received another fleece pattern in the mail. So glad I did because this pattern was my favorite, and when it didn't arrive with the others, I'd assumed David's had passed on it.

I think this design will be especially popular with quilters, and it matches one of my flannel designs. The bottom left photo was sent to me by a customer, someone who found my prints in a fabric store, Googled me, and sent this photo of her daughter in a dress she made from my fabric. How cool is that?! What I think is especially cool is how much the child resembles the girls in my pattern — long pretty braids.

My newest assignment involves four more fabric designs, though I'm not sure if I'm going to submit any, yet. I'm very busy sketching FARMER and time is tight. Since we've not received royalties from the fabric line, yet, it's hard to gauge if putting the time in would be worth it. S says that fabric can pay in the range of very little to several thousand dollars a quarter. That's quite a range to guess from and with my luck, it'll be in the very little range.

In other news: I've been invited to be a featured artist and display my work in the San Antonio Children’s Museum in February (so there, Chris). They have an enclosed display area in which I'll hang some of my children's book illustrations and things that I use to illustrate my books — sketches, reference books, sculptures, I may even have an unused underpainting. This will be a lot of fun, too. Well, with the exception of the January 24th press conference. I don't like live interviews.


rindawriter said...

There you go, Brotha! Posting pictures of your fabric all over your blog--yeah!

Awesome cuteness, darling beyond words is that photo! I bet that little girl is VERY happy to have such a pretty dress.

Those designs look pretty distinct to me for fleece fabric, BTW. Looks like they did a good job of it.

Are sweet kitties in the works? Maybe? Puppies?

Kyra said...


Will you let me know more about your fabrics?!? I JUST gave my niece the African American girl fleece fabric for Christmas.

Kyra .... quilter!