Thursday, December 07, 2006

Looking ahead — Flash

Last week, the folks at my full-time gig brought in a Flash guru, and I got to spend two full days training with him. Unfortunately, the course was geared for beginners, and I'm more of an advanced intermediate. Besides that, I'm somewhat a Mac nerd. If I had a second career beyond illustrating, I'd be one of those guys people call when their computers break down. I love trouble shooting, figuring things out, and knowing technical stuff most other people are scared of. So, two days of Flash basics — motion tweening, masking, and "goto" actionscripting — was pretty much a sleeper for me. But it did result in something exciting.

My boss (the new one), asks me if I'd be interested in creating online, interactive presentations geared toward children. He knows I'm into the kids book thing, more so than the traffic accident locating thing. And he pretty much said I could do whatever I want. And it doesn't have to be newsy!

Over the next few days, I'm going to brainstorm and propose a few ideas. But right now, I'm thinking that I'd highlight a children's book (or write my own stories) that deals with a particular theme or subject. Then I'd create animations, games, puzzles, downloadable coloring pages and activities related to the theme. There's so much that can be done with Flash. And I'd satisfy all of my skills — illustration, writing and technical.

I didn't get the full-time online position that I blogged about a few months ago, but this could be even better.


In other news: Once again, I'm experimenting with a new profile photo. Someone told me that my new look — the mohawk and pointed beard — gives me the look of a walking football. Phooey on them! Pretty brave of me to take a new photo this time of year. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm at my...healthiest. And I carry my extra health in my face.


Courtney said...

very cool. congratulations!

Kim said...

Congratulations! That sounds like a perfect fit for you!

rindamybyers said...

Oh, Don! Sounds like fun, fun, fun. And you could find extra work in this area, I don't doubt, with helping OTHER writers for children make interactive websites as well.

I love those tiny, little Flash games, the really simple ones. I have a couple that I go online and play now and again for stress reduction! LOVE to squash them cockroachies....