Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Humble beads

Ok, I know what you're thinking: Devas T. makes jewelry, too? No, I don't. This beautiful necklace and bracelet was made by Heather Powers. Heather is a children's book illustrator, fellow blogger and master beader (is that the correct lingo?). See her website. She made this set for me, special order, last minute and I gave it to my wife for Christmas. From Heather's website, I selected a color scheme and requested Christian symbols as accents, if they were available. They were and wha-la!— this is what she came up with.

My wife loved it! I highly recommend Heather's work. Excuse my bad photography; it doesn't do the jewelry justice.


rindawriter said...

Ooooh yeah! I like very, very much. Thanks much for the links, I need those to give to someone else.

Christy said...

Heather was kind enough to give me a bracelet a few years ago. I love it and wear it all the time. She is amazing! You're wife is lucky Don!! :) What a thoughtful gift.

heather said...

I was just thinking about the set today and wondered if she liked it. Super cool. Don you get extra brownie points for thoughtfulness and not waiting until Christmas Eve to rush out and grab whatever you could find on sale. Kudos to you! (not that guys do that, right?)