Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Follow up to "Flannel and Fleece"

Thanks for all the well wishes regarding the fabric line. I spoke with Suzanne yesterday about pursuing a pajama manufacturer which will be a new area for her. Mostly, she's specialized in the areas of greeting cards, stationary and fabric. And I also pitched the idea to the folks at HC. But, they are strictly book people, so about all they could do was offer me well wishes.

On the business side, the fabric deal works different than with books. I received no advance, and compensation will be 100-percent royalty, per yard. Royalty pays about the same percentage as a hardcover book. But my hopes are high since it will be sold mass market as well as in specialty stores. Expanding the line will depend upon great sales, so finding a pajama manufacturer would be a good thing.

Interesting tidbit: The fabric will be sold under two names — Don Tate in Mass market, Devas T. in specialty stores. I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it has to do with cost differences. For example, fabric sold at, say, Walmart (mass market) is going to be cheaper than that same fabric sold at another outlet. Two different names, technically, two different products. This kind of thing is done all the time in other areas — particularly with high tech stuff, I'm told.

In other news: I need to make a decision about my blogs. My schedule is completely full, with sketching FARMER and now revising (again) ZOOM. So I probably won't be writing at all, and I'll have to put the cartoon blog on hold. Given that, why'd I start a MySpace page? And why do I feel so...icky about it?


rindawriter said...

The manager at my FAV specialty fabric store explained to me that the reason why fabric is cheaper at places like Walmart and other mass market outlets is because of how it is manufactured. They use cloth of cheaper qaulity with fewer threads per inch and print the same designs, thus making the fabric cheaper. We quilters check our thread counts! The higher thread counts make for a more vibrant, longer-lasting cloth. You might want check out coordinating with some quilt designer or quilt books publisher to design quilts using your fabrics, so that you have access to the specaility fabric stores as well (translate a more pricey product!)

ShellyP said...

You shouldn't feel icky about the myspace page. Apparently it's all the rage, and not just for teens.

MissP said...

So I slack off reading blogs for a few days (okay so it's been more like a few weeks) and I come back and you've gone all Fashionista on me. I love the samples in the pic!

Can't wait to get some of the PJs for my little one.

Barbjn said...

I LOVE your fabrics and I am going to go to Joann's and get some! Of course, after years of sewing dolls, I probabaly won't USE them, but I'll like looking at them.

About the myspace page: My 20 year old son who is incredibly in tune with "what is cool" just told me yesterday that "myspace" is not worth anything these days. "People use it just to post music." (he is a musician)

So maybe that means myspace has no more cool quotient. He is a very good barometer about cool. But then, again, maybe it is good for the "older, wiser crowd."

You can be cool or older and wiser.

And I am trying to redesign a web page, too, and trying to teach myself Dreamweaver. I am about to give up and hire someone....

Good luck! Love the fabric prints!