Thursday, November 30, 2006

My phone call with an editor

Earlier this week, I contacted Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, a managing editor at Xxxx Xxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxxx, and I sent him three manuscripts. I didn't know until just now, doing a Google search, that he is the managing editor. And good thing I didn't know 'cause I wouldn't have had the nerve to contact him in the first place.

Today, he called to discuss my career as a writer. He thinks I'm brilliant. He loved all three of the manuscripts and wants to publish each one. He thinks I'm the next big talent after Mark Teague, Jarret Krosoczka and Brian Selznick. And, he invited me to submit dozens of story ideas.

Course, that's how it happened in my dream last night, but in real life, only one of the above statements is true. And it ain't the "brilliant" one. Thankfully, he did express a desire to publish me as an author/illustrator.

So, the plan is that I'll send him more story ideas — "dozens of them," he said would be fine. At this point, he wants to see a promising concept. Then, he'll guide me in developing it into a full blown written and illustrated story. "I need a story that I believe will sell 10,000 books at $16.99 a pop," he said.

I am so grateful for this editor. I know this example may be an anomaly, but I sent him my stories on Monday and he responded to me by Tuesday. And by Thursday, he had read all three of my stories (in three days, not four months). Then he called and critiqued each story, offering a path to publication.

Over the next year, I'll be illustrating a story for him, so there'll be plenty of time to send my ideas. And I plan to do just that.

In other news: I have more exciting news to share in my next post (probably not till the weekend). Hint: It has nothing to do with children's books, but with children's pajamas, fleece, bedspreads, WM!


rindawriter said...

HOW exciting! He sounds very nice, ever the story!

Barbjn said...

I LOVE hearing Cinderella stories like this. It makes me think that magic can still happen for those who persist.

Best of wishes to you! When you can, tell more...

And get to work.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Don! Update us every step of the way!!!


cloudscome said...

That is fantastic! Great job getting that lined up.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Don. If anyone deserves this, you do.