Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last week in review

I realized that the requested revisions on ZOOM were too many to finish in one day, so I didn't even stress myself out. I mean, I don't know magic. Thankfully, everyone involved — editor, art director, licensing agent, and paper engineer — understands the situation I've been put in, given the project was on hold for 8 months. Everyone's been gracious, complimentary, and understanding.

Tuesday: I had to work the election at my full-time gig, but I didn't have to go in until 6 p.m. That gave me a full day for revisions on ZOOM. Received three full-day school visit requests for next year. Cool!

Wednesday: Received an email note from the art director on the book RON. This book was put on hold shortly after I submitted thumbnail sketches back in April. Art director said she got burried in other work. The final artwork was originally due to them sometime this month. She wanted to know if I could begin sketching soon. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

A neat thing (Example at top of page). Though they like my style of art, they'd like to change the way I exaggerate the eyes on my characters — stretching them far apart. Don't ask me why I do that, it's just my thing. So, they took a character from one of my books, and Photoshopped the eyes. I like it! Why didn't I think of this! Anyway, this is the direction I'll take when I do begin sketches. So, now, when can I realistically begin sketching this book? July? Maybe? And I hate that because I'm really love this book.

Thursday: Had a fantastic conversation with the art director at Paraclete. We discussed the thumbnail sketches I submitted for FARMER. This is really a beautiful story (if you can relate to prayer, and stuff like that), and beautifully written. Now, I just gotta get up the nerve to ask Jerry to be my model for this book. Also received a mound of paperwork for an all day school visit next week. Ak!— I hate paperwork. But it's a necessary evil if you want to receive payment.

Friday: I finished writing another picture book manuscript! And, I submitted ZOOM revisions to the editors! Par-tay! Gig-a-boom, gig-a-boom — Par-tay! Now, bitter-sweet. I also learned on Friday that the paper engineer had created a template for me to build each illustration on, but somehow, the template never made it to me. Grrr. So, now I gotta do another complete set of revisions on this book. The editor apologized and said that I was being too nice about the whole thing. Secret is, I'm being nice because I have my own idea for a novelty book which I plan to propose to them later next year. So, I don't wanna muck things up with an attitude.


rindambyers said...

What exactly is a PAPER ENGINEER???

Amy C. Moreno said...

She is beautiful. I like the revision.