Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dragon in a dress — "Butch 'em up!"

So get this: At my full-time gig, they asked me to illustrate a dragon dressed up like Cinderella, in a ball gown, wearing glass slippers. They say it symbolizes some sort of cliche or saying related to football. Get it? I don’t either. I don't watch football. But I created the illustration anyway, going all Cinderella on em — blue magic background, glittery stars, hot pink dress. So I finish the illustration, post a portion of it on this blog, and leave it out for the editors to see. When I come into work today, they tell me: "It's too girly for a sports illustration. Of course it is, but you did ask for a dragon in a ball gown and glass slippers, didn't you?

Creating illustrations for the newspaper aren't much different than those in children's books, except for the time factor. I come into work today, and find that I have three hours to change the illustration that will run in tomorrow’s newspaper. "Butch him up," they said.

So I omitted the blue magical background, the starry swirls and added fire coming out the dragon’s mouth. Can't get more macho than breathing fire.


In other news: I sent three manuscripts to the editor of a book I’m illustrating. I've decided that I completely do not want to go the slush pile route. I don't play the lottery for the same reasons.

Anyway, I get an email from him less than 24-hours later: "Let's talk about your budding writing career," he says. We talk tomorrow, 10 a.m. So please, no calls in the morning. I won't even answer the phone to anything except a 212 area code.


John Coulter said...

You got a great blog. Excellent work.
thanks for your comments on my blog.

Kim said...

Crossing my fingers for you. The suspense will be killing me! Good luck.

Love the illustration!

Gregory K. said...

what if we deluge you with email at 10 in the morning? Ya know... just for fun?

rindawriter said...

Like the fire! And the teeny tiny pointy teeth...hope your interview goes great!