Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cinderella is a dragon

What's an artist to do when asked by a sports reporter to illustrate a dragon, dressed up like Cinderella, wearing a helmet and carrying a football? Well, if he wants a job, he forces a smile, shuts up and draws the dang dragon. The above is unfinished, in progress.

This is the pencil sketch. I scanned this in and used it as a template to draw from. I'm doing this in Adobe Illustrator CS2, which now has some cool gaussian blur effects, like Photoshop, but adjustable.

The same art in outline view. To non-Illustrator users, yes, this mess of lines mean something. It's mathematical, the only kind of math I care to mess with.

Here, I've blocked in solid colors. After a test print, I can see that my colors are way too dark. So, the next step will be in rasterizing into Photoshop, color correct it, then sample color from the corrected version. I just learned that the helmet should be white, not maroon as pictured. What I like about digital illustration is that I can make that fix so quick and easy — I don't have to hate the person who requested the change.

Next, I'll add more detail with gradients and gradient meshes. The trick will be in layering in some texture, so the final art won't look so smooth. I'll probably do that in Photoshop or Painter.

I'll post the finish later, after it runs.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I LOVE to look at art in progress and see what it looked like in the beginning. (Probably because my stick figures never progress to anything more than sticks.)
Adorable dragon!

jj said...

What happened to her teeth????
She's beautiful but could use a bit of a bite....

rindamybyers said...

She's a SWEET GIRRRRL DRAGON! She doesn't bite....