Thursday, October 12, 2006

Two dollars and forty-seven cents

Two dollars and forty-seven cents?

The wife thought it was funny.
Laughed about it all evening.
"Is that a royalty check from
One of your children's books?" she asked.

"Yes it is," I told her. We both laughed.

Though it wasn't funny.

It may be only
Two dollars and forty-seven cents
But it's
Two dollars and forty-seven cents
More than I had the previous day.

But what's even funnier
Is that her birthday is next week.
And I had planned to gift my
My first October royalty over her.

Two dollars and forty-seven cents!

Yes! That is funny after all?


Miss P said...

I don't know if I should say congrats or sorry. LOL Nah, congrats. The fact that the book is earning royalties is a big deal!!! Treat wifey to a small starbucks coffee w/extra whipped cream. Mmmmm!

Shawn "The Oldest Daughter" said...

That is funny, but not

rindawriter said...

No, add, in $2.50 more and make it a mocha coffee short with just a twinge of raspberry flavor and double extra whipped cream!

After all, it's not the $$$$$ It's with whom you are sipping!