Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today's conference, last night's reception

There's nothing worse than speaking in front of a group, and having someone yawn. It's happened to me before while doing school visits. Not that my visits are boring, they're not. But when you gotta yawn, you gotta yawn. Whenever it's happen to me, I'm completely thrown off track.

Today, I'll be attending and speaking at our local SCBWI conference. The problem is, I am a coffee fiend. I. LOVE. COFFEE. But coffee started causing health problems, so I had to quit. And since then, I've been sleepy. Sleepy! My mouth is constantly wide open in a yawn, and I'm walking around in a daze. It's overwhelming.

So, although I'm looking forward to todays conference, I will likely be rude and yawn and nod off and sleep through most of it because tea doesn't do a thing for me.

To kick off the conference, last night, The Leitich Smiths (Cynthia and Greg) had a wonderfully warm speaker reception in their home. The setting was perfect, the guest friendly, and their home — historic arts and crafts — made for an elegant evening. About 35 guests turned out.

Ug, how come Blogger won't let me create links today? Sigh.

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Amanda Williams said...

Hello, Don! :)

It was nice meeting you at the conference. This is Amanda Williams (I asked you about your book over lunch).

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