Thursday, October 26, 2006

The sacred dummy arrived

When I returned home from Saturday's fall conference, an envelope was waiting on my front doorstep. It contained a sacred dummy book for ZOOM, a novelty pop-up book I've been working on. I say sacred because I've been through an entire year — and several paper engineers — waiting on it to arrive.

For the past few days, I've been dying to play with it, but first I had to finish thumbnail sketches for FARMER. Then were the discussions about the African American children's Bible. Then the Boys 2 Men talk. Finally, this morning, I got to open the package and test it out. For about half-an-hour, to my delight, I pushed and pulled and flipped and dialed and toggled the various manipulatives. What fun! I wish I could show it off, but it's not ready for show in prime time. Besides that, the editor is "feeling very protective of it," having waited so long, and, visually, it's fairly crude, in sort of a sophisticated kind of way. Know what I mean?

The next step is to negotiate a few more dimes. Over the past year, the concept for the book has undergone quite an evolution. It's about three-times as much work as first conceived, so I'm gonna need at least two-times more dimes. Thankfully, the editor and art director agreed with me and are willing to "make things right."

I'm very happy with the direction they've decided to take this book. The changes will add warmth to the overall design and boosts the book's personality. There's a few things that don't work so well, so I'll make some suggestions and maybe even try my hand at paper engineering — though I failed miserably in my first attempts last year.

We've decided to change the main character from an animal to a child. Race wasn't mentioned, so I'm going to experiment with a character that is race neutral. Is there such a thing? Maybe fair skinned with dark eyes and dark curly hair?

So, did I convert you? (inside joke)

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cloudscome said...

I want to see that African American's children's Bible. Are you working on that?