Sunday, October 01, 2006

My son is writing, cursive!

My son, 5-year-old K drew this picture. It's a picture of our family, he says. He asked me if I planned to put it on my blog. "Of course," I told him.

I think this is a wonderful piece of art, though, I'm probably biased. But what's even more wonderful than the art, is his signature on the bottom. He wrote it in cursive. He's in kindergarten, and already he's learning to write in cursive. I remember learning to write in 3rd grade, and not mastering it until 4th.

And to think, many schools these days have decided not to teach cursive handwriting any longer, claiming that it's no longer necessary, especially with computers.


Susan Taylor Brown said...

oh they grow up way too fast!

rindamybyers said...

I love it! If he were at MY house, he'd be drawing this in crayons on muslin ironed onto freezer paper, and then I would turn it into a quilted wall hanging. I just think children's art is so wayout WONDERFUL! I PRINTED until sixth grade! My father STILL prints in his 80's! Then, finally, i sort of learned cursive . Then I took speedwriting after college and RUINED that. Then I speedwrote a story in pencil one day and got permanent tennis elbow from that...sigh, sigh, sigh, but it is WONDERFUL that your son is learnign cursive..way to go!