Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Finished a rewrite, and I'm pretty grouchy

I just finished a rewrite of a manuscript originally written this summer. DOOG, is the code name I've given it. I submitted the original to my critique group, an editor and two agents, but the feedback I'm receiving is that I need to dummy it up with illustrations. Why? Maybe I don't want to illustrate it. Like I don't have enough things to illustrate. So, because I'm an illustrator, I got to illustrate my own stuff?

Anyway, it's fun to watch this story evolve. Problem is, I'm still at around 900 words. I'm finding it a challenge to keep my stories under 1000 words. I really want to write a story. Not a glorified Hallmark card, like many picture books as of late. Oh well, maybe I'm just a bit grouchy today.

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rindambyers said...

Well, in the picture book world, Don, the illustrator writers really are the reigning stars!

I think you could do both, the writing and the illustrating! You get double the royalties then, too!