Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Black Jesus, Fall Festivals and a Wildebeest

This is part of a spec illustration I worked up for a children's Bible written by author, Stephanie Moore (click down to interview). The character's in this Bible will be black, and since Jesus will likely be the most controversial image, I decided to focus on his character first.

There will be more than 180 illustrations in this Bible, and I'll be illustrating it at the same time as I'm painting FARMER. Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me. I'll be rendering these electronically using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


I didn't do the Texas Book Festival this year. I spent most of Saturday with family. First, my son's school had their Fall Festival, and then he had a soccer game. I considered going to the book festival on Sunday, but kinda felt burned out on the whole book thing. Know what I mean? Not reading or writing or illustrating, but the peripheral stuff. So, I stayed home and did absolutely nothing. Boy, that felt so good.


The RACE FOR THE CURE — a 5k marathon — is this weekend, and we plan to run. Proceeds support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Normally, I run for fun and exercise, but this year we have a special reason to participate. Last week, one of my wife's co-workers died from cancer — pancreatic, I believe, but she also had survived a bout with breast cancer. So this year while we run, our thoughts will be with Candice.

The wife wants to take K along, let him ride his bike while we run. I'm not too sure about that. I know my son. He'll tire after a few minutes, then cry if we don't completely stop, rest and get ice cream. Then, I'll end up pushing or carrying his bike for the remaining 3.5 miles. Nope! I'm not training all week to push a kid on a bicycle with training wheels through a crowd of 10,000-plus runners — no way, no how.

I'll let you know how my argument stands, and what the wife decides.


Yesterday, I received a verbal thrashing from an irate Wildebeest in disguise as an accounts payable person, who informed me that, no, it wasn't my fault that I haven't been paid. It was the fault of a freelance art director who's been giving out the wrong billing procedures to every artist who's worked on this project. Huh?

Thank you, Miss Thang, I thought to myself. But I know it ain't my fault, I just followed ya'lls directions so why you hollerin' at me? I should be the one hollerin'.


rindambyers said...

You know what, Don? Jesus may have actually been quite a bit darker in color than most pictures of him today! I mean you might be drawing Him more like He actually looked!

I wrote a song about "Dark Mary," a Christmas song because I had seen a picture of a Black Madonna and Child--it was very beautiful.

I also wrote a Christmas cradle song called "Rock-a-Baby!" A little bit too much for some religious folks though.

cloudscome said...

I am looking forward to getting my hands on that Bible! I love your Black Jesus.

Anonymous said...

my boss and I are always looking to combat "Norwegian Jesus". So thank you for your work!