Friday, October 20, 2006

Back to reality

Over the past few weeks,
I've spent so much time
Writing about illustrating
And talking about illustrating
And negotiating new books,
That I haven't had time
To do what I've been
Writing (blogging)
Talking (speeches)
And negotiating (contracts)

Illustrating children's books.

So, after tomorrow's talk at
Our fall SCBWI conference
And next week's talk
At Zilker elementary
And the following week's talk
at Wooten elementary
I'm going to buckle down
And do more of what I've been writing
And talking and negotiating about.

Illustrating children's books.

Imagine that!

1 comment:

rindambyers said...

I really MISS my creative space and get SO grumpy when I can't get back into it regularly....yeah!