Monday, October 16, 2006

Add jury duty to the mix

I understand serving on a jury is supposed to be an honor, my civic duty. So, how come I'm feeling quite violated? I mean, I have no choice in this matter. Regardless of how I feel, or how busy I am, I have to report for jury duty, today, or face a fine up to $1,000.

This week, I have a lot of work to do. I need to prepare my workshop presentation for this weekend's fall conference. I need to finish thumbnails for FARMER. I've just received a boat load of revisions on ZOOM. Where's jury duty supposed to fit in to this mix? And, top it off, I just learned that, because everyone in my department at work called in sick today, I have to fill in and work a full shift once I leave the court house. Grrrr.

With the exception of learning that an editor truly intends to publish one of my manuscripts (details to come in about a year), I'm not having a good day.

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rindawriter said...

Stay, calm Brotha! Focus on the presentation mentally during the jury duty in the spaces when nothing is going on, and there will be those spaces. Your mind can always be working and helping you out even if the rest of you must sit still!

Then, I'd let everyone know what's going on, nail down outside deadlines with them, and then do a quick sit-down and prioritize and list all your pressures and duties out out on paper. Your list may change, but it wil make you feel more secure anyway to see everything out in front of you. Now THAT'S a trick from my mama! She is the most list-making person I know, and is she EVER competent, even now after a stroke, tons of heart trouble, and diabetes!

Hope they excuse you from duty, though!