Friday, September 22, 2006

Throwing money at the internet

I just realized how much money I waste on the internet. Ten years ago, I was fine just having AOL, but now I have internet accounts coming out my ears:

Website hosting: $19 per month.

America Online (I thought AOL was supposed to be free now, and the only reason I keep it is because I've had this screen name for over 10 years): $9 per month

Yahoo web hosting for my cartoon site that isn't functional yet: $13.00 per month

Roadrunner for broadband connection: $49.00 per month, aprox.

Flickr Pro to host my cartoons and images for my website and blogs: $24 per year

That doesn't include the additional fee I pay so the wife's wireless internet connection can piggyback from mine, or the yearly fee I'll start to pay for my .mac account when it expires in December. I won't even mention iTunes. Did you realize you could download audio books? Yesterday, I downloaded 'The Road Less Travelled.' Talks a lot about discipline, something I probably need to employ in my internet practices.

Hmm, maybe I need to rethink things.

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rindambyers said...

Oooh, does look like a bit like you are paying too much. Is your e-mail coming from AOL? I can't recommend hotmail highly enough, the free account. You can get several free ones if you like there. I'm just very pleased with the SERVICE there and the way they filter out the SPAM. I know several folks with free accounts over there. I've been with them ever since I've had e-mail.

I just think $19 a month is way too much for solid web hosting for smaller sites like yours. If you can manage the web files yourself (and that's easy enough if the files are created by a what you is what you get web site editor) check out I've had a starter site wtih them for two years now for $5 a month, one to fool around with. I chose them because they specialize in very small business accounts and take good care of sites like that and also they came highly recommended online, repeatedly for years now. I think $19 a month? Eeeh, way too much dollar for the bang, I think nowadays. They will give you a simplified web editor software free there, but you might need to buy a book to figure it out as the isntructions they give are a bit confusing! The software's good, just whoever wrote the free isntructions! But it works nicely.

My Xanga account for my free blog gives me a ton of free picture space and web video space for the freebie account I have there and far, far more for the paid account which is cheapie too. Good service there, too. They NEVER seem to be slow or go down. Though Flicker Pro sounds good at that low yearly fee.

I can bookmark sites so nicely online for free at

Hubbie just tells me that we pay $33 a month for our DSL/broadband connection (partly through a local company, though). It's NOT Comcast though (those sharks!). We need superb service there for our online business, so there might be better deals for you out there in that as well.

I know I sound cheapie, but hey, you know, shopping online is just like shopping elsewhere: You know, you want good value for your $$$!