Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday hats:

Illustrator's hat
I'm in the final stages of creating illustrations for ZOOM!, a pop-up novelty book. The art is being done completely on the computer, using Adobe Illustrator. Above is a sneak peek at one of the characters from the book.

Writer's hat
I'm spending some time this weekend polishing off two manuscripts, and creating a dummy cover for one. An editor at AH has set some time aside next week to read new manuscripts, and has enthusiastically agreed to read mine if I could get them to her early next week, right after Labor Day. One of them is ready to be shown, the other needs some work, but I'm going to submit it anyway. Two of the manuscripts I rececived from this publisher, for illustration consideration, were at the sketchy stage when presented to me for consideration, so I'm assuming it's ok to do so.

Cartoonist's hat
Printed off about 30 of my cartoon strips. After typing up a cover letter, I'm going to send them to King Features Syndicate. My stuff might be a bit too racy, I don't know, but I need to start somewhere.

Coach's hat
We've added a new addition to our home. It's a self standing basketball hoop and pole. After putting my son into soccer, t-ball, karate, gymnastics, and art, he has taken a special liking to basketball. The wife and I kinda disagreed about putting him into so many sports at such a young age, but now I'm glad we did because he is really good at basketbal, and loves playing it. I was surprised that such a little guy could shoot a ball so far into the sky, but he does. He loves to practice shooting, and actually makes the hoops, some 44-inches into the air.


Miss P said...

Boondocks was considered controversial...but look at how well that's done. Good luck with the syndication.

rindambyers said...

Yes, hope it goes well for you, Rinda