Friday, September 08, 2006

Profile picture update!

It's been at least a year-and-half since I updated my profile picture, so you'll notice I've posted a new one. It was time for a new hair cut, too. I decided upon that new faux-hawk look, or as black folk would say, "fro-hawk." Think P. Diddy. Yes, I'm 42-years-old, and wearing a mohawk, and, yes, the wife is gonna be shocked when she returns from San Antonio tomorrow to discover my new look. But she already knows I walk to the beat of a different drummer. Heck, when she met me, I had a braided rat tail hanging down my back. And I followed that up with dreadlocks.

Now, my problem will be in finding a barber who can replicate this. Yes, I cut my own hair, too. In the seven years since I moved to Austin, I haven't been able to find a barber who can cut my hair the way I like it, so I've learned to do it myself. But this cut will need to be maintained at least once every couple weeks, and I just don't have the time to spare (took me two hours).

I don't know, I may have to revert to my old pic. Not that my new cut doesn't work for me, I like it. It's the aged face that doesn't.

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rindambyers said...

Oh, Don! What a coincidence! I just got mine cut, I mean really, really cut shorter than I've ever had it in my life since I was two years old! My husband wasn't too excited about getting it that short but the hairdresser (at my home) just said "too bad!" and she sliced the first piece off with her RAZOR! I hid all the cut-off hair in the garbage before he could see it and get too emotional! Anyway, he likes it now that he's used to it more.

And I LIKE yours! The only thing wrong with a new do is that now you have to get it cut more often! More $$$$$$. Anyway, it's YOUR hair! I decided I didn't care ANYMORE EVER AGAIN what other people thought about my hair. And chop, chop! Off it went!

I don't post pics of me on my blog just because I don't like putting people pics on my website! Too distracting from the words! But I let the cats in now and again......