Thursday, September 28, 2006

An old treasure

This morning, while searching through the garage for a piece of art to use in a presentation, I found this drawing. I drew this picture in high school.

When I was in high school, I wasn't into after school sports. Instead, I worked at a fast food joint. When I wasn't working, I drew pictures. Endlessly.

I love cats. They possess a grace unlike any other animal. They often show up in my art work. Our cat would jump up into the windowsill and stare out, curious, as though questioning the goings on in the world outside. I was especially intrigued by the details in his eyes and fur, and the way his whiskers streamed off into every direction. One day, while he sat in the window looking out, I sketched him.

I drew this picture with a very sharp, hard pencil, etching each stroke into the paper. The details are lost in this scan.

Wish I could draw like this, again. Back then, time wasn't an issue. I had the time and patience to sketch every detail. I like detail, I've never been much to painting or drawing impressionistically. Though, I admire those who do.


rindamybyers said...

A treasure indeed! It's good, Don, very good. I've been seeing the annual high school art show here now for years; they have quite a good and enthusiastic program going, but it's rare I see anything this good at that age.

Of course, I am very biased about cats!

I'll bet they didn't have a good art program in your high school?

Makes me appreciate my high school music teacher so much more. He even got the jocks into the "formerly sissy" choir...would be great if an art program could do that, too.

Don Tate II said...

Hey Rinda, in fact it was quite the opposite. We had a fantastic art program. I went to a vocational technical high school; not many of those left these days. The program was so good, I could have entered the field straight out of highschool. While other high schools were finger painting, we were creating layouts, working with type, airbrushing, technical drawing, drafting, and doing production art.

rindawriter said...

Oh, Don! Lucky, lucky you! To have gotten into a high school like that! Don't you wish regular high schools had that though available to ALL students? I went to a very innovative high school, though. I was too busy with other subjects to take art in it.