Monday, September 25, 2006

My iPod's helps me talk

Ok, shoot— this is gonna be a cinch! I have two weeks to prepare my 15-minute opening statements for the SCBWI conference in Dallas, and I almost have it memorized. Well, not quite, but I'm well on my way. Actually, I'm not trying to memorize the the whole thing, but to be so familiar that, should I get a brain freeze, I could continue seamlessly once my brain thawed.

Now, here's something that's gonna sound completely whack-o. When I give a presentation, or speech, I've found it helps to step outside of myself — you know, kind of like an actor does. Because my name has been so closely linked to the words 'shy', 'quiet', 'nervous' — heck, one author friend even describes me as 'sweet.' Me, sweet? For that reason, I have to leave Donny behind, and enlist an alter ego. My alter ego is confident, bold, funny, interesting, and...well, nervous too. But you can't win em all.

Again, I have 15 minutes to speak to the entire group — small potatoes, thankfully, compared to the hour that author, Libba Bray, and editor, Nancy Mercado, will be speaking. And, I've discovered a way that my iPod can help me. In addition to storing my entire library of music, it also has a timer. I've timed myself several times, and so far, my opening statement takes about 13 minutes. This is perfect, leaves me two minutes to babble on about my drive to the conference, or my experience eating breakfast at the hotel, you know how they do.

In other news: My son isn't so game about the thought of bike riding without training wheels. I've spent the last day trying to sell him on it, but in his world, training wheels are to bicycles as are basketballs are to hoops, only difference, he ain't gonna hurt himself if the hoop is missing a basketball.

I'm in for an interesting evening.


Nancy Miller said...

Good luck with your speech. I'm sure you will do great!

Paige Keiser said...

You're very brave! I'm terrified of public speaking - and guess who else was? William Steig. I read in the book "Dear Genius" his letter asking if he could avoid doing a speech for his C award.

I'm sure it will get easier and and easier with practice. Good luck!