Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Let the rejections begin

Ok, the rejections are finally starting to flow in, the first of my writing career. Note to self: don't take it personally. This will be a journey, one with bumps and hard curves. It may take years of writing more manuscripts, and many more rejection letters. The lump in my throat is probably acid reflux, and not hurt feelings.

So, I'll stiffen my upper lip, poke out my chest, and resist the urge to give up. Only after I do a couple, two or three, sets of extra heavy deadlifts. That always helps.

**Edit to original post**
A follow up email lifted my spirits: "...I'm happy to work with you on revisions...I really would like to work with you..."


Gregory K. said...

Ahhh, it's good for ya!

Rejections will come no matter how successful you get, but getting a "will work with you on revisions" in your first batch is pretty great. Chin up. And when your rejection pile is taller than mine, you may revisit this topic :-)

rindawriter said...

Well, you COULD see a rejection as just one more person who didn't have the genius to see yours. Genius I mean! Well, the TRUTH IS actually, a lot of times, editors really like things but THEIR bossess, the dreaded editorial committee and the publisher, don't. At least not enough to put the $$$ in. Just keep trucking, brotha! Just keep trucking!