Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I won the hearts of three mermaids

We'll, I'm honored to have won an autographed copy of The Disco Mermaid's The dePaola Code (see also, interactive), signed by the mermaids themselves (Robin - Jay - Eve), as well as artist extraordinaire Tommie dePaola.

Here's what the mermaids had to say about my entry:

"We love how the caricatures Don created resemble each of us perfectly. If you look closely, Jay has five chest hairs (how did he know!?), Eve has big, beautiful teeth, and Robin has big…well…let’s just say they’re big!"

As far as creating the characters, first I sketched them out from memory. I met Robin, Eve and Jay at SCBWI Los Angeles, and, let's say, they left an impression on me I won't forget anytime soon. Then, I looked at a few images of them found on their website, as well as images posted at Rita's LJ (scroll down), and photo album from the summer conference.

And, as far as Jay's five chest hairs go, I figured they had to be there. I mean, not every guy snips theirs off, like I used to do, but don't do anymore since leaving competitive bodybuilding behind - uh-huh!

Also, congrats to author/illustrator Paige Keiser, whose joke was also a winner.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Don!!


Don Tate II said...

Thanks Laura, and sorry for having that link wrong. I must have had 6 pages I was trying to link correctly.

rindambyers said...

Yes! Congratulations! I KNEW you would win!

Rita said...

Congratulations, Don!! Your design absolutely rocks!!!!!! :D


(And if my pictures helped, I'm honored!!!!!)

topangamaria said...

Can't spell your name right.
Didn't even know what an artist
you are, sitting next to you at the scbwi luncheon. But I knew our table rocked and I knew your Disco Mermaid imagery rocked.
Congratulations and well done.