Monday, September 04, 2006

Disco Mermaids: Boogie-Oogie-Oogie!

My answer to the dePaola coda: The Disco Mermaids! This is my entry into the contest given by children's writers, Jay, Robin and Eve. Because I've been warned that my humor is too dark, I decided not to enter a joke. Didn't want to step on anyone's...fins?

In other news: At this very second, in addition to blogging, I'm watching Behind the Camera: the Unauthorized Story of Diff'rent Strokes, written by fellow blogger comrade, Gregory K. This guy gets around. First fibs all over the net, then the New York Times article which led to a 2-book deal. Now he's in prime-time!


Disco Mermaids said...

Amazing! You captured us so well...all the way down to the chest hair!!!

- Jay

rindawriter said...

Yes, your cartoon is VERY good! They should PAY you for that AND let you win the contest.....! Yes!!

Don Tate II said...

Jay: Thanks!

Rinda: Thanks, but it was really my pleasure in creating it. And voluntary. Actually, the Mermaids are welcome to have the original art, regardless, and use it however they so desire. The original is higher quality, and will do nothing but sit on my hard drive.

Gregory K. said...

That rocks, Don.

And I'm sorry you weren't consulted on the Dif Strokes hair. If only I had that type of power! But thanks for watching, despite the hairness.

cloudscome said...

I love the mermaids too!

I was watching that Different Strokes movie too and I had no idea. I don't remember watching the show growing up, although it was my era. Last week I posted a picture of a tee shirt diaper I sewed out of an old tee shirt of my oldest son's, and it happened to have a picture of Gary Coleman on it. I felt bad after I saw the movie, because I realized he never really wanted to be expected to be so cute all the time. The tee shirt/diaper is not all that respectful of him, although I guess he endorsed the original sale of the design...
Anyway I changed how I thought of my post after watching the movie.

topangamaria said...

Wow Dan, I think you really
immortalized the wild and crazy
disco mermaid spirit.