Saturday, September 16, 2006

Chillin' on Saturday

When I woke up today, all I really wanted to do was chill—lie around the house, watch CNN's talking heads, eat cashews, and check my blogs. That's what I consider chillin’ out, relaxing on a Saturday morning when I'm not working. The wife has a different idea about chillin’.

This weekend, downtown was busy with bustling people in town for Austin City Limits, a music festival; a weekly farmer's market; a school district parade; and a viewing of Gov. Ann Richards' body, which lies in state at the capitol building. Downtown wasn't a good place to be, but guess where the wife wanted to go. So, yes, we braved downtown.

Our first stop was at RunTex. They analyzed our feet for running shoes. At first, I thought this was silly. I mean, do I really need someone to watch me walk across a room and look at my shoes, only to tell me I need new ones? I know when I need new shoes. Besides that, I don't want some salesperson's face near my feet when I remove them — it might be lethal. But, the experience turned out nice. They offered us goodies — bagels, coffee cake, pastries — so it was all worth the time. Sure, they recommended some expensive running shoes, but they were the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I didn't purchase them today, but I plan to return.

Following the foot thing, we headed over to UT Mike Myers Track & Field Stadium. They hosted the Marathon Kids kick-off. I had figured we would gather information, but I soon found myself running a marathon, in 90-degree heat. Good thing the wife and I had wore our running shoes!

The place was mobbed with kids and parents — you'd have thought the Longhorns were playing a championship game or something. The theme for the day was blasted liberally over a loud speaker: Get in shape, get fit and stomp out obesity. An MC offered facts and statistics about childhood obesity, which blew me away. I had wanted to post some of these numbers on my blog, but I didn't have my writing pen with me. One thing I do remember, they said, is that 1 in 4 children are obese by the age of 16. Those children will slice 27 years from their lives due to diabetes and other weight related diseases. Sad.

After an hour of baking under the sun, we buried ourselves inside a batch of runners, probably about 300 or so, and ran one-and-a-half laps around the track. Although I run at least twice a week, and the wife trains with RunTex several times per week, neither of us could keep up with my son. He ran like a cheetah. Problem is, he tired after one lap and I had to literally push him from his head the last half lap. I told him he was running like a girl — that helped a bit.

All went well until it was time to leave. But, somewhere in the crowd of people, I lost my glasses. They must have popped out of my pocket as I ran. I remember thinking as I slipped them into my pocket just before the race started, boy, I need a new pair of glasses. I must have jinxed myself.

While my future track star received a full-body massage — princely kid he is — I checked the lost and found and walked the track again, but never found my glasses. I'm blind without them. The wife had to drive us home.

My budget doesn't allow for a new pair of glasses until the next royalty season (not book royalty season, but licensing), so I'll have to wait and wear my old glasses for awhile. So, please excuse the tape and loose wire.

K will need to run several times per week in order to make his 26-mile goal by February.

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rindambyers said...

you mean they still have people lying in state in capitol buildings in 2006?!!?? Eeeh! That makes me feel very strange.........