Sunday, September 17, 2006

Abridged Sunday post

I can't believe this; I just lost the post I spent an hour typing up. It was a pretty good one, too. I double checked my grammar. All of my subjects were either separated with a conjunction, or a comma, and everything was accurate. But I wasn't sure how to spell the word "ancestory." I think I've spelled it wrong here, too, but I'm not looking it up again because when I went to the website, it crashed my computer, and I lost my post and the file I had typed it in.

So, here's an abridged, un-spell checked, un-comma checked version of the original: Tomorrow, I start illustrating a new book.


rindambyers said...

Congratulations, a new book! You are a fast worker, brotha!

ShellyP said...

It's never funny when you lose a post, but I love the abridged version! lol