Saturday, August 19, 2006

Starving for alone time

I'm a severe introvert. I don't say that to imply there's a problem with introversion — there isn't. Were just different than extroverts. Among other things, we need time alone, everyday, by ourselves. Time alone allows us to recharge, ponder the big questions of life, create, clear our minds. Heck, it allows us to pick our noses without question, if we like. Without it, we get rather grouchy. I haven't had a minute alone in over a week. In fact, as I type this teensie-weensie, short little post — at 12:15 in the morning — the wife enters my studio and asks me a question. Twice.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying my family visit. Allows me to reconnect, strengthen bonds, reinforce love.

But, I think I may need to go fishing tomorrow. Alone. Or it ain't gonna be very pretty around here.


J said...

This is truly difficult for extrovert-leaning folks to understand: we introverts get our energy from solitude - without them! When you want to take a walk to meditate a bit, someone wants to come along.... Hope you don't have any family members who enjoy fishing!

Melinda said...

I get the same way about my solitude time. I also get cranky if I don't get my writing time. Well, okay, not cranky; I turn into a bear.

Jen Robinson said...

I get really cranky when people visit me, no matter how much I love them, if I don't get some alone time. Usually I try to go for a walk by myself every morning, and that keeps me relatively sane. But when I don't get that, I definitely get edgy... Good luck!

Paula said...

Don, I'm not an introvert. I'm something much worse, an only child. And we also require alone time or it gets ugly.