Monday, August 21, 2006

A pleasant visit, now the wedding

The wedding industry is a racket, I should know. I've been through the process of preparing for a wedding, twice. Now I'm preparing to marry off my daughter. This weekend, I purchased her wedding dress.

As much as possible, I want to help her have a nice, traditional wedding: formal gown; sit-down reception; multi-tiered cake; and held at a church, if I can cajole her in that direction. This all may clash with the plastic flip-flops she plans to wear, but, well — at least I'm trying for class.

The dress turned out to be a bargain, costing about twice as much as my wife's wedding dress, but about half as much as her original choice. And picking it out was relatively painless, at least for me, because I only had to accompany the ladies — my daughter, wife and mother — to one of many bridal shops they visited. I simply walked in, sat down; left to purchase a chocolate chip cookie from the bakery next door; returned, ate my cookie; nodded off, went to sleep. When I woke up, the choice had been made. All they needed was my credit card, and approval of the dress.

The daughter looked absolutely beautiful, but the best part of all, was that we all agreed upon the appropriateness of the dress, to the occasion — unlike the big fight we had before my daughter's prom. Then, the choice was backless, practically frontless and almost bottomless. We took the smart route: my mother-in-law made the prom dress, and there'd be no trashiness coming off of Ms. B's sewing machine.

Down side of the visit: My daughter brought with her a nasty little Arizona stomach virus (Sorry, Chris, Julie). She was sick for the first two days of her visit. I'll spare you the details. The next two days, her son was sick, followed by my mom, on Sunday. Today, K has it. That just leaves the wife and me, so I’m paranoid every time my stomach as much as growls. My immune system is a coward when it comes to fighting off viruses of any kind.

In other news: I know I’m not supposed to say negative things about others works, but sorry. I read that farting dog book last night and was thoroughly sickened. And the illustrations, scary.


rindawriter said...

I'm glad that virus is not here in Washington State..and hope it LEAVES soon for outer space...before your daughter's wedding anyway! I've made three wedding dresses, each one completely different, and I AIN'T a'making another one in this life, I tell you! Well....maybe...if somebody...begged real hard........

Hope your daughter's wedding is a truly HAPPY day for all!

Shawn "the Daughter" said...

thanks for the dress dad