Friday, August 18, 2006

It's a good story, after all

Tomorrow (Saturday), I meet with my critique group, and, up until a couple hours ago, I was really kind of ashamed of myself. I didn't have a story to share, and I didn't have a good excuse. Well, I take that back, I did have an excuse. I just returned from vacation on one coast, then, a week later, SCBWI nationals on the opposite coast. And I do have another issue that continually haunts me — time, not enough of it. Especially with out-of-town visitors, and my habit of cartooning and blogging (one of my blogs being a finalist in the BWA's).

But time was only a portion of my problems this week. My other problem was confidence. I wrote a story that I didn't feel up to par, as compared to other submitted manuscripts. One was well researched, well written, thought out. The other was just plain cute, brilliant. Mine was silly in comparison.

But, what I realized after revising my story, was that it wasn't so bad after all. It stood well on it's own. The problem wasn't my writing, it was comparing, which breaks the rules, and purpose of being in a critique group. Written art is similar to visual art, in that it is subjective, arguably, I'm sure. What one person considers to be masterful, someone else considers trash.

So, though I didn't have my story finished in time for others to read, I'm going to read it aloud, myself, at tomorrow's meeting. If they'll allow. And I'll use the feedback to present my story again at next month's meeting.

It's a good 2nd-written, first draft.

In other news: My freelance illustration business is going fantastic! Fantastic! FANTASTIC! I had to say that three times because that's the number of manuscripts I have to choose from. And, if I have my way, I'll accept all three.


Chris Barton said...

If we'll allow? Please.

Bring it!

rindawriter said...

The very worst thing of all is NO reaction! Any reaction, you've got something. No reaction? Means no audience response and that's when something needs some major fixes... ....back to the garage, ah playroom I mean, then!