Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm getting a maid

You think I'm not serious? Tomorrow, my mom arrives in town, from Iowa. On Wednesday, my daughter and grandson will be here, visiting from Phoenix. And our house was filthy. Between my full-time gig, and part-time business, I simply don't have time to clean a house. And, though "beautiful" and "charming" and "sweet" are all words that describe my wife, "domestic" ain't. So we need some help.

Saturday morning, after I made the son his breakfast, I hosed down all three bathrooms, powerwashed every floor that isn't carpeted and washed the walls and woodwork before taking a backhoe to the refrigerator.

Today hasn't gone any better. As a matter and a fact, I'm only taking a break long enough to blog, then it'll be me and that vacuum cleaner. Somehow, six years ago, I thought a 2,800 square foot house was something to be excited about.

I'm getting a maid. You think I'm not serious?

What I'm reading: A couple weeks ago, while visiting the Lincoln Memorial, I purchased the book, LINCOLN: A PHOTOBIOGRAPHY by Russell Freeman. I had no idea at the time that it was a 1988 winner of the Newbery medal, until I saw it again at SCBWI nationals.

I'm embarrassed to say that beyond being an American president, gracing a penny, freeing African American slaves, and wearing a tall hat, I know nothing about Lincoln. So, this really is a necessary read. And I'm enjoying it.


rindambyers said...

I think you're serious! You'd be surprised, brotha, how many of them award-winning writers has a maid (or two) tucked away in'd be surised. I know what' it feels like for you...had company this summer, too, and I think it took us a month! To get ready! Husband scrubbed my kitchen floor, (white wrinkled lineolum, the worst!), now wasn't he the sweetie? Man power! You don't need a maid. You need a footman!

Varian Johnson said...

Mrs. V has been threatening to get a maid as well. We never even thought about getting a maid when I was growing up, so I think I'd feel kinda weird having someone else clean our house.

Of course, I have no problem hiring someone to cut our grass, but then again, I'd be the one outside slaving away if we didn't have a lawn service.

Camille said...

If I didn't have company on occasion, my family would disappear beneath the murk. Thank goodness for out of town guests or we would all perish from dust and disease.