Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Brighter lights on the horizon?

There were some very interesting developments concerning my full-time gig. I won't be so forward as to suggest anything in particular, or to announce anything definite. But I feel confident in saying, there is a slight possibility I could find myself in a new and challenging position, soon, if I haven't messed things up.

Today, at an office meeting, a new position was announced. As I listened, I found myself getting excited at the thought of applying for such a job. I felt totally confident in my ability to perform the duties, with additional training. But training wasn't mentioned. In addition, the way in which the job was announced, the words used, led me to believe they would be hiring someone outside the company with a specialized skill set. I dismissed it, not even considering my own qualifications.

Later, when one of the bosses came over and questioned me about the comments made at the meeting, my response fell in the range of indifferent to uninterested, something like, "Yea, that's exciting news for someone, let me know when you fill the position. I'd like to work closely with the person." I had no idea they were eyeballing me for the job until I read an email sent to me while I was on vacation; I had missed it. I have all the skills — well, all except one thing — necessary to do this exciting new job, and do it well. This could be very cool. So cool, it would squelch my my desire to go freelance full-time. But, I could kick myself for the response I gave to one of the bosses.


rindawriter said...

Oh, Don! I'm sorry if that means you lost the job. I hope not if you want it. I am sure those GIS skills would be a breeze for you to learn. It made me smile. I was in a focus group once, and the topic was a system like this. No one else guessed the secret identity of the people behind the one-way glass miroror but me! No one else in teh group wrote poetry either....Oh, well, it was an easy $50 just siting around, eating snacks, and spouting off my opinion!

ShellyP said...

I bet you'll be able to salvage the opportunity. I hope it works out for you.

Melinda said...

I hope you get this job too, said the gal who's been stuck in a job search for the past two months. As for the GIS, perhaps you could mention that you'd like to take a class on it at a local college. They might even pay your tuition.

You might check with your boss, too, and ask about your chances for the job. Say you didn't mean to seem uninterested earlier, but you thought they were going to hire outside the company, and that you didn't know they were interested in *you*. Bring up the college class. What could it hurt?

Good luck.