Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back on track. Well, sort of

Something is in the air
I don't know what it is about this time of year, but there is definitely something in the air. Between August and December, requests for art shoot through the ceiling, and life adds a few extra hurdles. Anyway, just a few tidbits in the life of Devas T.:

Market guide
I purchased the 2007 Children's Writers and Illustrator's Market guide. This year illustrator, Roz Fulcher, wrote a feature entitled Blogging for Authors and Illustrators. I was quoted, along with Bartography, Cynsations, and others (though my URL was printed very wrong).

Frankfurt Book Fair
I'll be there! Well, I won't be but my art will. I will be designing a book cover for a trade publisher out of London. They will sort of test market the cover at the book fair. I really don't know much about the project, except that it will feature cars. This car thing has really taken off.

Family stuff
My mom, daughter and grandson will be visiting next week. My mom will be here for two weeks, and my daughter and grandson will be here during that time. This will be an interesting visit. My work schedule is packed, and my daughter has proclaimed that while visiting, she will be on vacation from being a mom, that she is turning those responsibilities over to grandpa. I don't know who she's talking about, 'cause I still ain't bought into this grandpa thing.

I'm truly reconsidering my situation at work. A neat opportunity has opened up. The problem is that my life is completely full. This job would present an exciting challenge, but in order for me to succeed at it, I'd really have to throw myself into it fully, teetering the balance of my already unbalanced life. Right now I'm juggling a freelance career, a full-time job, my marriage, children, church and so on. A position like this would be like stuffing an elephant in the back seat of my pint-sized Toyota, then trying to drive down I-35, without killing someone. Hmm.

***Edit to original post***
The Frankfurt deal is no longer on the table. Things happen so fast, I learned as soon as I posted this blog. This is probably a good thing, you'd agree if you saw the list of projects I have between now and the festival.

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rindambyers said...

That's a good photo, I can see how big your pictures are, thanks. Let's you work in the details.

Well, you know what, brother, being an aunt myself and a great-aunt, many times over, the good part about being somebody related to a baby other than its mother is that you get to relate to the child how you want when you wnat for as long as you want and then you do get to hand the child back over to his or her parents. It really is that way for me in the auntie/great auntie line. Grandparenting maeans you get to grandparent how you like, it's a privilge for the child and his or her parents, not a right. So it looks like your daughter has a bit of learning and growing ahead of her here as well.