Monday, July 10, 2006

Taking baby steps

Query, query, and query. I did that today. One enthusiastic response, so far, and it's only been an hour since I sent the last one. I'm so psyched!

Wish me luck.


rindawriter said...

You're sending e-mail queries????!!! And watchin' and waitin'? And you GET one?

EEE! I sometimes don't get to check my e-mail for a couple or three days or so...I can't stand the pressure of watching you watching, brotha!

Don Tate II said...


Actually I got three. Is that a no, no? I never even considered if e-queries were appropiate or not. Ug. Hope I didn't mess up. On the art side, if we got a question, concern, or query, we just email. Least, I do.

rindambyers said...

No....I don't THINK it's a no-no! I just don't think I could take the time pressure of the watchin' and waiting'! I'm such a weeny with pressure, though, don't listen to me; I couldn't handle "Alien," the movie. I sat out in the lobby on a date for most of it! He married me anyway, so I expect that's true love...

I think it depends on the person you're e-mailing whether they like to get e-mail queries or not. Some say they do; some say they don't! If you know the editor through previous contact and they don't mind e-mails from people they know, then e-mail is the way to goooo!!

Maybe someday it will be all e-mails! Who knows!

Hope you get a lot more! However you get them!