Monday, July 31, 2006

My wife ain't so sure about SWBWI

Later this week, I'll be attending SCBWI's national conference, and that has the wife freaked out. Why? If you haven’t already seen the SCBWI membership roster, I'll let you in on a little secret: It’s mostly women, shhh! Had I known the wife's reaction to all this, I'd've attended one of these things years ago.

Over the past few days, the wifes treated me like a king. She didn’t laugh at me when I got dizzy on a subway escalator, in D.C. "One of those writer ladies might find escalator vertigo kinda cute in a guy," she said. She didn’t get angry with me when I forgot to pick up a gallon of milk on my way home from playing basketball with the son, like she had asked me to. "Children’s book artist ladies probably find forgetful guys kinda cute," she said. She didn't give me that evil eye when I snapped at her in the car over a trivial matter. "Some young cute editor might find angry black men kinda cute," she said to me, smiling, when she'd normally fire back at me. She even hugged me and told me how much she appreciated my taking the family on vacation. Dang, I’m enjoying this SCBWI conference, and I ain't even been there, yet.

One thing, though: she forbade me from wearing my favorite t-shirt, shown above. It was popular with flight attendants this past weekend, at least three of 'em smiling at me — and the wife — and commenting on my shirt. Needless to say, the wife confiscated it, so it won't be worn in LA. She should know, by now, I’m a good hubby, painfully uncomfortable in most social situations. So no worries. Though, I do plan to play this up, to the hilt, maybe even get a home cooked dinner out the deal.

On another note: I just loved D.C.! It wasn’t so much the Smithsonian or Chinatown or the White House or the Vietnam or Korean memorials, though I did love all that stuff. It was the very warm, friendly people. When on vacation, I’ve never been treated so well by locals, complete strangers. At first, I was very uncomfortable about going. I had heard about the crime stats, murder rates, and the newly enacted curfew. This didn’t sound like a place I wanted to visit. But complete strangers walked up and offered directions when we seemed to be lost. And on more than one occasion, someone stood up and offered (some insisted) their seats on the subway.


rindambyers said...

Ah, ah, brotha! And I thought YOU were going to get all that good marketing buzzie stuff and all so YOU could sell SOMETHING like...well..ah...something you WROTE? I have to go away fast and break up a cat fight now before somebody throws up in the wrong spot...okay, back again, tell us all about it okay? When you get there. The marketing stuff, who's writing what, who's illustrating how, the good stuff, I mean, brotha! Have fun!

Courtney said...

Good to hear you had a pleasant expierence. As a former Austin-ite, current D.C. Metro Area resident I have to say it ain't so bad.

Disco Mermaids said...

Yes, it truly is a pleasure being a male in a female-dominated field.

- Jay

P.S. This picture was taken at the conference two years ago. Just don't let your wife see it.

Rita said...

This is hilarious. And makes it sound like you and your wife have a good thing going.

The fact you are officially recognized as a Hot Man of Children's Literature doesn't hurt, either! :D


Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

I am getting ready to teach Walter Dean Myer's novel "Monster." I have a class "webbackpack" or website: I'd like to use your Walter Dean Myer's "Scorpion" illustration on the page for about three weeks during the unit. If I credit you and include a link to your blog, would you be okay with my posting it. I think the image will serve as a nice journal writing prompt. If you click on the site, you can shoot me an email from there! Thanks so much in advance for your time and consideration on this manner.