Sunday, July 23, 2006

More farting manuscripts?

I'm feeling a terrible sense of guilt here. I've spent the past three days in writing activities. I've completely revised a manuscript; I'll send revisions to the editor on Wednesday. I've outlined a new manuscript; I’ll polish it off for my next critique group session. I wrote several blog post for my super secret blog which I never even posted. And I blogged here late Thursday night. I even joined a creative writing group through my church. What's wrong with that? I have a crapload of illustration that needs to be started, and I'm leaving on vacation this week. That's what!

Also, I received feedback from a manuscript, and I'm experiencing a mixture of emotions. Mostly, I'm on a high because the manuscript received rave reviews from a very reputable industry professional. "...charming story, well-written and sporting a most appealing character...," she said. But, also, I was advised that today's trade market is looking for more "commercial, edgy stories." I'm not sure what that means. Do I gotta write about farting dogs? I'm not complaining, I can write one helluvah funny farting dog story, if that's what I must do, and if that's what kids, parents, editors and librarians want. But, I especially like writing things that my conscience can give approval to. Though, on second thought, my conscience sure ain't guiltless of farting.


Melinda said...

Just when I started to read this entry, my flatulent bulldog did his own farting and now I can't make sense of anything.

Well, you do have to admit you did get a hell of a lot of work done. Is that so bad? You just have more work because you write the books and you do the pics. Me, I just write the books, so my life is a breeze. Ha ha!

If your story doesn't want to be edgy and commercial, then don't worry about it. Sure there's plenty of edgy and commercial stuff, but there's also quiet and literary stuff being published too. Just thank her in your mind and be on your way. But keep the good stuff!!!

rindambyers said...

Don, you just need an editor that loves it the way YOU wanted to write it..and wants to BUY it!

Editors do have WIDELY varying tastes and ideas about what they think will sell for their publishers, and if they move to a different publisher, they may change those tastes and ideas a bit, too.

Don't worry so much now about what your peers or other successful writers think about your work. They can't buy your work. Editors do. Always keep that in mind, as a primary goal. Try to think like an editor, what do they want?

You ALWAYS have to take non-editorial comments wtih grains of salt, sometimes big ones! Peers and other successful writers writer their books THEIR ways and succeed THEIR ways. You will find YOUR way, YOUR style, YOUR success, too.

Study books you LOVE. Check to see if they have withstood the test of time. Then write your heart. Fashion the work until it pleases you, okay? Then think, will it make that slush pile reader go "Wow!" That editor go "Wow!" That child listener or reader go "Wow!" Will it make that editor loosen up the big bucks? This is a business, remember. You may please your peers and other successful writers with your work. What matters is if it will please an editor.

You're doing good, brotha, you're doing good...

Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Don, you are mad busy. Sounds like vacation couldn't have come soon enough.

Speaking of farting dogs, my agent reps the author of Walter The Farting Dog. So umm...yeah, I guess the world would like a little more flatuence.

On a serious note - my YA novels tend to be on the sweet side, very little edge. I think there's room for both in the world - PB, YA, MG, whatever.

While, no doubt, the market is full of books with very mature young characters going through mature things - there will always be room for more traditional innocent fare.