Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hugs are in order

"It's been a horrible week. The checking bounced; I made a mistake on a project that cost my company $2,000; Being a Vacation Bible School volunteer is a drag; It's that time of the month; There's a lizard loose in the living room, and you're not here to catch it."

-- Quoted from the wife

What's a brotha supposed to say to that? I've had a fantastic week. Completed a manuscript; Sent three queries with three positive responses from all; Wrote three cover letters; Obtained a new licencee (my cute little cars are taking off); Started sketches on a pop-up book(more cute little cars); Had a very warm exchange with an author friend (DA thinks I'm sweet); Finished a successful library visit; Received a small royalty; No varmint run-ins. And, it's only Wednesday.

I guess a hug is in order, since I snored in her face last night when she needed a hug (heard through the grapevine).

Guess I could send flowers? Though that wouldn't remedy the lizard situation much.


Melinda said...

My cat used to bring skinks into the house. Maybe you should have let a cat into the house to get the lizard out? But then the cat would be like, hey, where's the food, I don't want no stinking lizard! So that wouldn't work.

Hope her week has gotten better!

Melinda said...

Your wife's week, I mean, not the cat's.

rindambyers said...

Oh, the cat WILL catch the lizard if it's in the house and probably try to eat it, too! I guarantee that THEN you will have a nice, goopy pile of throw up in a public spot to clean up!