Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Conferences on the horizon

This fall, I have two SCBWI conference speaking engagements. The first one, "Destination: Publication," will be in Dallas on October 7th. Funny thing is, they've been reading my blog and think I'm funny, maybe even outgoing. NO! I'M NOT! The second one, "Follow Me'" will be here in Austin on October 21. The folks in Dallas are kinda anxious about knowing what I'm gonna talk about. Shoot, I don't know. So, I woke early this morning to do some brainstorming. Here's a rough outline:

My theme: Psudeo celebrity

Title: How to become internationally famous, travel to exotic far away cities, and become filthy rich, working as a children's book illustrator

Rolling out the red carpet: Getting started in the field of children's illustration

Accepting that first big role: Where to find work

An agent? Do big time children's book stars, like yourself, really need agents?

Finding the bigger role: I'm published, now what?

The secret to making a celebrity salary? Making a living at illustration

Stepping into a new role: Writing? Why not!

On another note: I need to update my website, particularly my school visit information. School visit requests are starting to pour in. I've adjusted my prices since originally posting that page, almost three years ago. That's what happens to important stuff once you start a blog. This sudden boom appears to be as the result of SURE AS SUNRISE making the Texas Bluebonnet Masterlist.

On yet one more note: While giving a presentation at Windsor Park Branch Library this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised when author, Chris Barton, entered the room. I didn't even recognize him. I thought: "Geez, does that guy walking up to shake my hand know he looks just like my friend Chris." Thing is, he didn't know he'd become part of the program.

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rindambyers said...

A pseudocelebrity? I'm not sure I've ever heard of one....but it's okay if you are one, it's cool, it's well..ahh...hmmmm. I don't know WHAT to say!