Thursday, July 13, 2006


• Delete bug-a-boos, check! I tend to over use "and" and "then". See what I mean?

• Run spellcheck, check!

• Re-run spellcheck, check!

• Run it past an author friend, uncheck! There comes a time when your mentors must push you to stand on your own two feet. I'm thankful for mentors.

• Run it past a copy editor, check! There are advantages to working in a newsroom.

• Type cover letters, check! Repeat the above steps.

• Stew several days, check! Fear, excitement, coward, then confidence.

• Run it past the wife, uncheck! Um, she's having a bad week.

• Print copies, double-check names, check! Wouldn't it be horrible if I mailed an agent a cover letter addressed to someone else?

• Drop manuscripts in the mailbox, uncheck! But will do that later today, on my way to a library visit.

Now, back to sketching. I am an artist, you know.


rindawriter said...

You could have fooled me! I thought you WERE sketching....


Don Tate II said...

Thanks NS for the comment. I feel awful when I have to delete a comment,but because I'm a children's illustrator/writer -- and they might be checkin' a brotha out -- I must be careful that comments lead back to G/ PG rated stuff.