Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back from vacation

Just returned from a fantastic 4-day vacation in the nation's capitol! As a caption for this photo, I had planned to post what my 4-year-old son had to say about Mr. Lincoln, but I'll have to save his X-rated comment for the super secret blog. I'll post a few more details about the trip soon, but for now, I'm home and it appears, our air conditioner is broke. I left it running, turned down very low while we were out. I figured by doing so, the house would be at a livable temperature when we returned. But, the entire unit is now iced over, making crackling noises, and our house is hotter than than I was in the above picture. It was quite toasty in D.C., standing next to the former president, looking out over the National Mall.


Camille said...

AC units have a built in sensor that can tell the difference between a trip to the market and a trip out of town. A trip out of town (especially a vacation)sends out some kind of pulse that fries a condensor. It is a mystery.

rindawriter said...

We were FRYING here in Bremerton, Washington with NO air conditioning just when my brother and wife and two daughters came to visit in my tiny house! Wah! We managed to survive...even my fluffy kitty. I sprayed her down with water, kept her by the fan..she was fine!

My husband knows Washington D.C. very well. I've never been further east than eastern Washington! Unless you count the far, Far East!