Friday, June 09, 2006

Revisions! Round #2!

Received comments/suggestions from my editor (I can officially consider L my editor, now.) We've been polishing 'B', a manuscript I wrote last year, to perfection. I'm very pleased with the feedback I’ve received. More than anything, the changes will tighten, smooth, clarify.

I've heard stories from other first-time authors who felt their manuscripts so manipulated, the final product was no longer their work at all. Not so, in this case! They are allowing my voice to show through loud and clear.

Many questions have been raised, things that can be clarified in an author's note. I’m happy to say, I know my subject so well, that I can pretty much answer the questions without further research, though I will spend the time double checking my facts. So, in this second round of revisions, I plan to write an author’s note. I hadn't before, because I felt the need to focus on telling the story, then address unanswered questions later, once I knew what questions needed clarification.

For now, I don't plan to jump right in. I have two other stories that I want to develop further. Plus, L will be a speaker at SCBWI later this summer, and I don't want to create any pressure, or expectations that might prove awkward when we cross paths. I'll submit my revisions after the conference.

Now, I'm off to paint a frog!

Is it just me, or has Blogger been a bug-a-boo this week?


TadMack said...

(It's not you, Blogger has been really full of bugs this week!) I know I'm way late to the conversation but I wanted to thank you for your comments in May about stories for black boys that portray them fighting dragons, defeating bullies and bucking broncos over summer vacation - thank you. I am now encouraged to continue hopefully submitting work that has black characters who just... live.

Susan Taylor Brown said...

Congrats, Don. Wow you are making a lot of progress in your career this year!